Quality is a value,
not a cost.

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When you choose a machine, you’re also choosing a partner.

Our mission is to build robust, sturdy monobloc equipment that will stand up to mechanical stress without bending or warping, to ensure the best performance possible in terms of precision and durability of the components.
Made of high-quality steel and aluminum, the parts that make up our machines are given surface coatings and other treatments to increase their resistance to wear.

Our electronic components are strictly next generation, and the software that manages operation, settings and options has been developed in-house. These strategic advantages make it possible to integrate our equipment with automated production processes, with the added benefit of quick programming updates.

Our future has a story to tell

The future, by definition, always represents the unknown. Unexpected events are always just around the corner and there are no guarantees as to how things will go. On the other hand, we all know that the future brings not only challenges, but also great opportunities. And we’re ready to seize them! The truth is that we’ve been ready from the start, from the day that the company founder, Ernesto Comandulli, began writing our solid, successful entrepreneurial history 50 years ago. We began from simple yet essential values: passion, humility, and ingenuity. Tenacity and vision with perspective did the rest.

Made in Italy, respected around the world

The value of our machines is recognized wherever they go, as evidenced by the thousands of factories in every corner of the globe that use Comandulli equipment. It is no coincidence, then, that technical assistance is one of our strengths: prompt intervention and always-available spare parts are proof of the attention we dedicate to our clients.

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