Multipurpose, handy, simple.

Very strong cast iron structure.
High quality steel mechanical parts.

01. features

The unique features of Comandulli M.B. machine

  • Strong spindle with two speeds and transmission obtained through V-type belts.
  • Abrasive-holding plate supplied with special elastic joint.
  • Neoprene guard for column protection


There is always enough room for some further desires.
  • Spindle with 4 planet wheels
  • Bushhammering plate
  • Tool for brushing
  • Ball joint for curved surfaces
  • Spindle speed controlled by inverter
02. workings

A constant challenge

When our engineers and technicians compete with each other they outdo themselves, and you are the winners. By developing superior machines, able to process various working processes at the highest quality level, we help you to satisfy the many different requirements of your customers and satisfy your creativity, by giving you the possibility to extend your business.

  • Polishing – Bushhammering
  • Brushing – Boring