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Ruby is an innovative, next-generation machine, the first of its kind from Comandulli.

Its original and compact design ensures greater accessibility and safety of the production line. Its reliability and precision are absolute.

The pneumatic and electronic components, the management software, and the use of innovative materials have made it possible to further improve the performance and the automated features of the machine.

Ruby is perfect for anyone who needs maximum flexibility during production.

It makes it possible to simultaneously polish and cut different materials, with different sizes and thicknesses, from thick to ultra-fine, or even glued pieces, such as mitered or laminated kitchen worktops (*)

The machine is made to be connected to company ICT networks, external software and can be programmed remotely.

01. features
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The exclusive features of a Comandulli machine: RUBY

  • Steel structure, electrowelded, fully worked by milling machines.
  • All our machines are protected against corrosion through a modern treatment that follows different phases: sandblasting, metallization and painting. The painted covers are subject to cataphoresis treatment, cartes in stainless steeL.
  • Main covers in stainless steel.
  • Possibility of polishing the edge without the contrast bar, due to the special sliding system of the conveyor belt and the slab locking – by pneumatic pistons.
  • Conveyor belt width 600mm; operated by a manual variable-speed drive, automatic speed adjustment from control panel; Belt driven on stainless steel plates.
  • Each spindle is independent.
  • Water collecting tank equipped with two lateral outlets.

Standard for the Ruby

  • Reduced water consumption thanks to solenoid valves that automatically open and close the water
  • Maintenance is reduced by the belt cleaning device and by the automatic lubrication
  • Two sensors automatically detect the shape of the pieces input into the machine, including irregular shapes like winding steps and even glued pieces
  • A sensor measures the thickness of the slab coming into the machine to automatically regulate the multipurpose unit and the position of the upper bevelling units
  • Modern design using new generation materials
  • The machine is made to be connected to company ICT networks, external software and can be programmed remotely

Le dotazioni

Vi presentiamo il nostro concetto di completezza.
  • 8 frontal units
  • 3 upper and 3 lower bevelling units


  • First upper and lower bevelling unit with patented calibrated bevel device for a perfectly precise bevel from the beginning to the end of the work piece, with programmable width
  • Extractable bar for large work pieces
  • Possibility to work narrow pieces from 6cm


C'è sempre spazio per qualche desiderio in più
  • New generation multipurpose unit with automatic horizontal and vertical axis to calibrate the thickness, calibrate the edge, lower and upper groove cutting and shaping with profiling tools
  • At the exit side choice between a second multipurpose unit and one or two vertical spindles to hone the calibrated strip, to remove the reinforcement net or for bushhammering
  • Inlet and outlet roller conveyors
02. technical data
Mandrini frontali 8
Mandrini smussi con dispositivo smusso calibrato 2
Mandrini lucidatura smussi 4
Diametro mola spessoramento mm 260
Diametro mole abrasive lucidanti mm 130
Diametro disco gocciolatoio mm 260
Velocità di avanzamento nastro m/1' 0 - 2,5
Larghezza nastro mm 600
Spessore lavorabile mm 6 - 80
Minima larghezza lavorabile mm 60
Altezza piano di carico mm 780
Potenza richiesta kW 24
Dimensioni (escluso rulliere) m 5,5 x 1,8 x 1,7
Peso kg 4500
03. workings

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Quando i nostri ingegneri ed i nostri tecnici fanno a gara per superare se stessi, i vincitori siete voi. Sviluppando macchinari superiori capaci di eseguire molteplici lavorazioni con una qualità elevatissima, vi aiutiamo a soddisfare le più svariate richieste dei vostri clienti, appaghiamo la vostra creatività dandovi la possibilità di allargare il vostro business.

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