Musa Next

Automation and flexibility: perfect for kitchen countertops.
technical data

Extremely flexible automatic machine. It was designed with complete equipment to meet the needs of kitchen countertops manufacturers.
Musa Next is however suitable to satisfy all the needs of the stone worker.
Musa Next can process different materials (natural stone, agglomerates, and ceramic) of different thicknesses, even very thin ones, and glued pieces. It performs simultaneously, with quick and simple procedures, all the finishing operations: calibration, straight edges, chamfers. Possibility of equipping it with a blade cutting unit or vertical head for honing the calibrated strip.

01. features
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The unique features of a Comandulli Musa Next

  • Machine structure in electro-welded steel completely machined in a boring machine.
  • All our machines are subjected to a treatment against corrosion by sandblasting, metallization, painting.
  • Painted casings with cataphoresis treatment before painting and stainless-steel casing.
  • Possibility of working without a contrast bar thanks to the special belt sliding system guided by special grooves, and to the anchoring of the piece by means of pneumatic pistons.
  • Conveyor belt resting on a stainless-steel surface, guided in special grooves.
  • Independent commands of each single spindle.
  • Possibility of simultaneously polishing straight edges on pieces of different thickness and shape.
  • Water collection tank with two side drains.
  • Colour touch screen.
  • Conveyor belt 600mm wide; operated by a variable speed motor with automatic speed adjustment from the control panel.
  • Dynamic / intelligent tape speed. The special software the machine is equipped with, if this function is activated, automatically adjusts the speed of the conveyor belt, reducing downtime based on the pieces being machined and the tools activated.
  • Sensor for automatic management of glued pieces.
  • Piece thickness reading sensor for self-regulation of automatic groups.
  • Automatic lubrication.
  • Belt washing device.
  • Automatic water solenoid valves.
  • Tele assistance.


  • Calibrating unit assembled on two axes, the vertical one with automatic positioning, the horizontal one with manual positioning. Possibility to tilt at 90°
  • Floating spindles to polish the edge (n.8)
  • Bevelling spindles equipped with perfect bevels device (n.2)
  • Spindles to polish the bevels (n.4)
  • Upper drip unit tilting to 45°, automatic positioning on the vertical axis
  • Manual bar
  • Rollers for material loading/unloading
  • Possibility to polish narrow pieces 5 cm width


  • Vertical spindle to smooth the calibrated surface (as an alternative to the drip unit)
02. technical data
Front spindles 8
Device for calibrated chamfer 2
Chamfer polishing spindles 4
Thickening wheel diameter mm 230
Polishing abrasive wheels diameter mm 130
Drip disc diameter mm 260
Belt advancement speed m/1' 0 - 3
Belt width mm 600
Workable thickness mm 6 - 80
Minimum workable mm 50
Loading floor height mm 780
Power required kw 28
Dimensions (roller conveyors excluded) m 5,3 x 1,7 x 1,8
Weight kg 4500
03. workings

An ongoing challenge

An ongoing challenge
When our engineers and technicians compete to outdo themselves, you are the winners. By developing superior machinery capable of performing multiple processes with a very high quality, we help you to satisfy the most varied requests of your customers, we satisfy your creativity by giving you the opportunity to expand your business.

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